7 Life-Changing Quotes From 7 Years Of Travel 
In the golden age of exploration when travelers were mapmakers and would run into pesky ‘trouble with the locals’ travel was considered a noble quest for knowledge… – Thought Catalog


Kumbh Mela: What I found in the waters of the Ganges
One hour before sunrise, the streetlights in Allahabad struggled to break through the heavy fog… – Matador Network



36 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel to Africa
So some people like to believe Africa is some kind of special place… – Rhino Africa



Luxury slackpacking – Pondo Trail
‘We won’t see many people over the next few days and most of the beaches we cross are inaccessible by car…’ – Getaway



5 Reasons Why Cape Point is one of Nature’s Great Places
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Pringle Bay: Far from normal
There are no streetlights and few fences in this fynbos-covered town. Nature plays a leading role in Pringle Bay and residents are determined to tread lightly on the Earth… – Getaway



These are the love lessons you learn in the desert
I first met Ali in the small marketplace outside of the Jaisalmer Fort. Hawkers sat on mats behind their vegetables waiting for business, while dogs rested in the shadows… – Matador Network